2017-2018 Season

Behanding in Spokane

by Martin McDonagh

Directed by Kory Kight-Pagala

OCT 26-NOV 5 2017

A man’s tireless search for his missing left hand culminates in an explosive confrontation with two small-time con artists and a nosy, gun shy hotel receptionist.  Is Martin McDonagh’s recent Broadway comedy a dark and violent modern farce- or a study on America’s problems with racism?

Mr. McDonagh is one of the half-dozen finest playwrights in the English-speaking world.” —Wall Street Journal.
“Insane yet also fiendishly funny.”  —Bloomberg.com.

Approximately 90 minutes.  No intermission. 

Round Dance

by Arigon Starr

JUNE 7-16 2018

This sweet romantic comedy follows the life of Rudy Kernel, a Muscogee Creek gas station attendant who lives with his mother and sisters in 1950s Los Angeles. A deep facial scar received during the war leaves him awkward and lonely in love. One night, Rudy reluctantly goes out to a seedy Indian bar to meet a business contact that might help raise money to buy the gas station. It is there he encounters a nice Cherokee nurse named Ada that proves to be more than his match.