Arigon Starr~ Winner of the 2018 Native American New Play Contest

Photo: Ryan RedCorn

Coming June 2018...

Round Dance by Arigon Star (Kickapoo-Muscogee Creek)

Featured production of the 9th annual Native American New Play Festival

In Round Dance, Rudy Kernel is a Muscogee (Creek) veteran who relocates from rural Oklahoma to Los Angeles with his family in the 1950’s. Rudy’s deep facial scar has left him a lonely bachelor, but he is optimistic and devoted to family. When he receives an offer to own the gas station where he works Rudy joins his pompous actor friend and his sister’s sneaky husband in a seedy downtown Indian bar to score a high paying job. There, he meets a feisty Cherokee nurse who may finally be his match.

Round Dance will perform June 7-9 & June 14-16 in the City Space Theatre at the City Center Music Hall in downtown Oklahoma City.

Stay tuned for more details about Round Dance auditions, play submissions for the 2018 Native American New Play Festival Staged Reading Series and other festival events!


 The Oklahoma City Theatre Company Native American New Play Festival mission is to showcase stories for the stage authored by Native American, First Nations, Alaska Natives, Hawaiian Natives, and Indigenous Mexico. We are especially committed to voices that honor and bring distinction to the 39 Native Nations who call Oklahoma home. We invite our audiences to experience high quality productions from the growing cannon of new indigenous work that creates space for indigenous voices on the American stage. We aim to produce theatre that fosters appreciation and understanding of our distinct and collective cultures, histories, lifeways and contemporary issues found in our way of storytelling and theatre making.


Oklahoma City Theatre Company Native American New Play Festival envisions a thriving, vibrant and sustainable creative space that gives voice and presence on stage to indigeneity. We envision an on-going annual gathering that draws audiences and artists alike to experience, investigate, reflect, and witness indigenous visibly on stage in Oklahoma City.


Oklahoma City Theatre Company Native American New Play Festival values community collaboration and partnerships with all constituents who recognize the power of indigenous voices revealing untold stories, histories and socio/cultural issues on the American stage. We value the artistry and passion of our performers whose presence and participation fearlessly bring our stories to life. We value the skill and leadership of our directors, stage managers, designers, production and company personnel who guide and support us. We are inclusive to all audiences and all artists who share and contribute to our collective efforts.

*Submissions are accepted from artists whose heritage includes those of Native American, Alaska Native, Hawaiian, First Nations, and the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico.